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Over one year ago I founded the group :icongermanphotographers: here on DeviantART.
It's a group for all german speaking photographer all over the world.
Our goal for this year is to become a super group.
My Co-Founder Shadowelve startet a donation pool for the group a long time ago, but we still have not enought points to become a super group.
So I started a donation point for the group too.

if you'll help the group to become a super group you can donate on KiaraBlackPhotograph or Shadowelve 's profile page points.

At the Moment we need a bit more then 2.500 Points to become a super group.
If you'll like to help you can donate at my profile or Shadowelve 's profile.

For all the people who'll donate for the group we'll make a big feature on our group page ( if you're german or not... it dosn't matter) and a newsarticle with works from your gallery.

And of course for all the german speaking photographers who aren't a member of germanphotographers at the moment: JOIN US!!!
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April 3, 2011


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